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The Bounty Hunters

Since 1990, the Bounty Hunters have been creating their own unique brand of country music. They preform six nights a week at The Bowery, with NO breaks! In this time they master their craft both as individual musicians and more importantly … as entertainers. It doesn’t matter what song they play or what artist may have done it first, the Bounty Hunters always manage to sound like themselves. The reason for this is simple; pure talent. Each member of the band is an individual, an artist in the truest sense of the word.

The Bounty Hunters have been very fortunate to have been the house band at the world famous Bowery in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This club is probably one of the most demanding venues in the country. Long hours and constant pressure to please an incredibly diverse audience has given them invaluable experience. They are not merely a juke box to provide background music for the dancers, they are a focal point of the club. People come to the Bowery to hear the band and they keep returning year after year to be a part of the Bounty Hunters’ show. In a word this is what this the Bounty Hunters do, they put on a show, and they do it with the style and confidence of true professionals.

In the winter months when the Bowery slows down, the Bounty Hunters hit the road and take their unique magic to towns across the country. They are highly sought after as an opening act because of their own sound and the ability to bring an audience to its feet.

Take a look at some photos from previous shows.

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